luxusná dermokozmetika



luxusná dermokozmetika

CHRISSIE COSMETICS®, the missing piece between the irreverence of the best years and the
sophistication of the charming experience of maturity
CHRISSIE COSMETICS®, the treatments with high efficacy and limited production with
the highest craftsmanship and niche products, was born from innovation, high biotechnology
and advanced formulations of Vivipharma’s Research Laboratories, leader in High Cosmetics.CHRISSIE COSMETICS® treatments are rigorously formulated with the highest safety standards
and certified by clinical tests made at the most ranked Italian Universities. Their bioavailability
makes them a powerful ally to satisfy every type of skin.


Chrissie Cosmetics® is an exclusive range of products that takes cosmetic excellence to a new level. It is formulated in the company’s own research laboratories and draws on more than 40 years’ experience in the beauty industry. What do customers who purchase cosmetics in a pharmacy want? And what kind of product would a pharmacist be happy to recommend? These are the questions our laboratories strive to answer. They come up with products offering maximum efficacy and visible, long-lasting results, while studying the latest technologies for anti-age treatments – two fundamental aspects behind the creation of our products which are all strictly formulated with the highest safety standards and biotechnological innovation. The professional expertise of our Research Team has led to the patent MI2003A 001184, a trade secret which represents the company’s intellectual property.




THE PATENT MI2003A 001184

Our exclusive patent is an example of excellence in modern cosmetic technology. It fights wrinkles, targeting stress, pollution, smoke and our frenetic lifestyle which can lead to skin imbalances and significantly reduce cellular activity. Our products, with their unique and exclusive composition, produce a lifting effect for skin that is hydrated, soft and silky and results that are visible in record time. Pharmacists who choose the Chrissie Cosmetics® range can rely on products that not only offer unbeatable efficacy and beautiful results, but also guarantee maximum safety and hypoallergenicity.
Our Research Laboratories follow precise guidelines to ensure excellence

1. All ingredients are carefully selected (INCI with grade 0 toxicity, maximum dermocompatibility, eco-sustainability, efficacy demonstrated by in vitro and in vivo tests)

2. Products are nickel tested, free from parabens and have only natural fragrances

3. Our exclusive formulation rationale combines the latest cutting-edge developments in biocosmetology (glycobiology, cosmeceutics, neurocosmetics) with highly concentrated and boosted actives

4. Technologically advanced formulas are used which contain phyto-endorphins, neurotransmitters, messenger peptides and powerful rejuvenating nutrients

5. Hypoallergenicity: our products are clinically proven to be exceptionally safe, thanks to dermatological tests carried out in prestigious university clinics (no tests are performed on animals)

6. We create highly effective products which give instant but long-lasting results

7. Our products are formulated with a texture which, thanks to a molecular film, guarantees maximum distribution and penetration, ensuring the physiological wellbeing of the skin.

8. We pay the utmost care and attention to our product packaging, making sure it not only looks great but is functional.


These rules are what we call our “treasure chest”, a set of guidelines which define the research and development of every Chrissie Cosmetics product.


40 years of laboratory experience

Over 2000 internationally certified raw materials

More than 1000 clinical tests carried out at prestigious universities

500 natural fragrances, a guarantee for you and your customers


Cosmetologist Director: Dott.ssa Ilaria Pergolini

Technical Director: Dr. Renzo Santolini

Scientific Director: Dott.ssa Deanna Draghetti


For 40 years the Vivipharma Researchers‘ team has been inspired and acting on the basis of 2 principles ascribable to A. Einstein, who represents the emblem of the continuous search for the maximum result.

“Everyone knows that one thing is impossible to accomplish, as long as a miserable one arrives who does not know and invents it.”

“If we know exactly what we are doing, it would not be called research.”